Winters can be tough.

Winters can be tough.  They can be filled with sparkles & snow but they are also filled with days where the sun sets at 4:30pm & you just can’t seem to get warm no matter how many layers you’re wearing.  I feel as if I am always on my toes, ready to combat depression.  It sneaks in so quickly during the darker seasons; I have to remain vigilant.

What are some of my current favorite strategies this week?

Egyptian Columns

Yoga move: Pigeon

Magazine(s):  Dwell.  Bust.  The New Yorker.

Activity: Trying to explore my new neighborhood’s nooks & crannies.

Favorite gadget: My new yet already beloved blender.

Current obsession: Renewing commitments to myself.

Websites/blogs: Giggling at Living in a Green Room & oogling Still Motion Image

Way to get motivated: Music.  Definitely music.

Place to unroll your yoga mat: My bedroom

4 thoughts on “Winters can be tough.

  1. Thank you Allison! What a lovely comfy post. Making little lists like these are such tremendous self care. But you know that of course. You are so good at that. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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