The Importance of Feet


“I guess every girl goes through a photography phase. You know, horses… taking pictures of your feet.” –Lost in Translation (2003)

I take a lot of pictures of feet.  Particularly – my own feet.  My feet are my foundation.  When my feet are too covered, I am overheated.  If my feet are damp, I am grumpy.  When I am barefoot & walking in the sand, I am quite content.  I am very emotionally connected to the well-being of my feet.


Once a shoe salesman told me “the story of my foot”.  This just didn’t interest the 14-year-old me.  But I listened anyhow.

I have wide feet, perhaps from so many years of being a sandal & barefooted-laden youth.  My feet are small in proportion to my height.  They’re ‘peasant’ shaped which in dancer’s terms means that if I were dancing en pointe, the weight would be evenly distributed.

Most of the time they’re painted Monroe Red.  It makes me happy when I look down at my toes.


What good things do your feet allow you to do?

Do you pick up pencils?  Kick soccer balls?  Dip your toes into the bath?

5 thoughts on “The Importance of Feet

  1. My feet are my roots. I love spreading my toes away from one another and pushing my feet against the wall as I’m falling asleep (makes me feel strong I guess!).

    Even though I have a pedicure every 2-3 weeks, my calloused heel, ball-of-foot and big toes are a genetic offering from my ancestors!

    I love my feet! They are strong and help my body be strong. They let me dance my way through life!

  2. Jennifer – good for you for taking care of your feet! I hope to follow suit :]

    Amanda – Ohh – that sounds like a MUST HEAR type of story. In person so I can get the full effect, please.

  3. I love “the story of your feet”, Al!

    I agree with the overheated feet = grumpiness. More than once I’ve described my “tired dogs” as feeling like big hot bags of blood. Too graphic?

    My feet are part of a going to sleep ritual I’ve had ever since I was a kid. When I was little, I used to have a very soft blankie with a satin border all around it. I used to rub the satiny fabric in the space between my big toe and second toe as a comfort, to help me fall asleep. It still works, sometimes!

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