The Fantastic World of Jim Henson


I have liked Jim Henson for as long as I can remember.  In 4th grade, we had to choose a public figure we liked on which to write a biographical report.  Amongst the past presidents & historical figures was my report on Jim Henson.  I’m sure I was stressing the importance of living and expressing yourself creatively …even back then.

When we visited the States recently – my friend Olivia asked if we would be interested in checking out the Jim Henson’s “Fantastic World” exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens.  Of course!  Not only did I admire him & the Muppets in my childhood but during my short stint at a puppet company here in Toronto – I appreciated the nuances of puppet building & the behind-the-scenes work.

No photography was allowed inside the exhibit, so here is the part where you have to dig deep in your imaginations & imagine me gasping as I rounded corners & saw REAL Muppets (behind plexiglass…but still–)  I left feeling so creatively fueled by his optimistic and driven process.  Totally an amazing excursion.

Also – the rest of the museum was so fun!  They had a sound booth where you could dub over conversations in your favorite movies, tons of ol’ timey cameras, an amazing makeup/special effects section…


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