Presenting Mental Health Honestly in a Workplace

Partners for Mental Health Table

Last week I continued participating in Partners for Mental Health‘s Not Myself Today” campaign.  Torstar Digital was having an internal health fair for their employees and wanted to engage them further about mental health.

Public speaking isn’t part of my daily routine – in fact, in my past there were times where the anxiety attached was so overwhelming that I’ve failed classes.  However, when asked to give a presentation about the importance of mental health in the workplace at a Toronto business, I didn’t pause to give it much thought.  Yes.  Yes yes yes.  I knew any anxiety I felt would be overridden by how much I believe in mental health advocacy, especially in regards to employment.

I was fascinated by which mood buttons people gravitated towards wearing.  Some people chose their current mood, some people chose their ‘not-usual-self’, some people chose based on colour or vibe.  It was great to see a workplace invested in their employee’s health and starting the dialogue about mental health so directly.  Kudos to Torstar Digital; thank you for your efforts!

4 thoughts on “Presenting Mental Health Honestly in a Workplace

  1. That’s awesome! Good for you for having the courage to speak up! I’m sure you helped encourage openness and acceptance in an environment that is so often closed and judgemental.

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