On Being a Grown-Up

Becoming a grown-up is a pretty natural transition.  All of sudden, you look around & go – “Heyyy, wait a minute!”  I own furniture.  I pay rent.  Some people I know pay mortgages.  &…shocker of shockers – some people I know are married.


& I totally adore when people I love marry people they love.  & I’m starting to just go with the flow.  Weddings are less epic to attend.  Internally, I will still admit to occasional bouts of “WHAAAAAAT?!”  I love seeing the flowers, the clothes, — I really love dancing.

Of course, I still do not want to get married.  & I don’t love weddings quite as much as my brother.  I have a subdued love for the expression of love that weddings represent for my friends.  & what better excuse to have a party than for love?

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