My 2011 Non-Goals

Freida Kahlo & Me

Taking some inspiration from Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind, I have a lot of habits that I want to carry over to 2011 & beyond.  I am a self-help/betterment junkie – it’s easy to forget I have certain habits & moments that I already really love about myself.

  1. Reading: continue being a voracious reader & supporter of the Toronto Public Library (find me here at Goodreads)
  2. Travel & Exploration: I went to California & New York City this past year.  Here’s to more places & experiences!
  3. Crosswords: rocking the crosswords any chance I can get.  I hope to work up to solving a Sunday NYT edition.  (cross your fingers!)
  4. Movement: dance from the top of my head to the toes on my feet.  I’ve been contemplating hooping to (minimum) one song a day for the entirety of 2011.
  5. Tea.  I love it.  I will continue to drink it.

What do you love about yourself & where you are right now?

3 thoughts on “My 2011 Non-Goals

  1. taking pictures
    watching icicles drip
    french vanilla cappuccinos
    shoveling the lightest snow in the drive way
    yodanstret in my kitchen
    cutting little shapes
    …..all while listening to music, and some at the same time. oh my.

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