Slam Poetry about Mental Health

It’s National Poetry Month!

Now, the world of poetry is a beautiful thing because like most forms of art, it covers a wide range of topics. I find slam poetry to be especially powerful because of the emoting and tone that is connected to powerful words. Poems are able to tackle subjects that are not as easily tackled in day-to-day conversation.

In tribute to April being National Poetry Month, I’ve gathered five videos of slam poetry that touch on mental health.

Aaron Burstein – “Social Anxiety at 130 BMP”

Catalina Ferro – “Anxiety Group”

Neil Hilborn – “OCD”

Rage Almighty – “Depression”

Marge Johnson – “Mental Illness”

If you know of any other slam poems out there regarding mental health, comment with the link so I can watch it as well.

2 thoughts on “Slam Poetry about Mental Health

  1. Thanks for asking and posting these videos. Here are some others, per your request

    Salt City Slam – “Legion” – Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personalities

    Jesse Parent – “Sock Puppet” – Schizophrenia

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