Love List: March 1, 2012


David Bowie.  Bringing my bike out of hibernation soon.  A new month.  Feminist documentaries.  Feminist friends.  Paying with exact change.  Mental health activism.  Homemade chai tea lattes.  Holding hands.  Reading in bed with Robin.  Podcasts.  Bravery.  The library.  “Twitter is like bumblebees.”  Blue nail polish.  My lady tribe.  Wiggling my toes.  Melissa McCarthy.  Making videos.  Rediscovering that pen-that-writes-perfectly that you thought was lost.  Hot soup.  Wearing my glasses more.

5 thoughts on “Love List: March 1, 2012

  1. Twitter is sooooo like bumblebees. Whoever said that is a genius. Hah. I also love wiggling my toes and reading in bed! Welcome to March!!!

  2. You do look hot in those glasses. That’s official lady love from a feminist friend. I heart your love lists. They make me feel happy. They make me want to make a love list.

    1. I’d love to read a love list from you – how’s that for feelin’ the love? Also: wearing my glasses again today, thank you very much.

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