Changing Your Levels of Happiness

Earlier today I was reading an article about how our happiness levels are not set in stone.  Some psychologists argue that people tend to have a ‘set point’ for happiness – that it is something that more or less remains stable for your life.  I’m glad to see something arguing the opposite – that some people have experienced a shift of 1/3 or more in their happiness levels.

Thanksgiving Roses

We are the product of our experiences & how we interpret them.

My interpretation of their ‘happiness points’ adapts a few things to fit my own life a wee better.

  • Partnership – Find those who move towards calmness & stability & it will spread to you as well.  Neurotic ism is no fun.
  • Family focus – Whether blood or chosen, family is important.  Striving to maintain thriving connections to your family definitely raises my happiness (even when my brother pushes my buttons).
  • Worship what you love. Whether its God with a capital-G or god in lowercase, the Universe, your altar, your morning walk with your dog – take part in what you love.
  • Work (not too much or too little) – If your work hours match your desired work hours, you’ll be good to go.  We can’t always control this, but you can try…setting firm boundaries around hours, taking a proper lunch hour, taking classes at night to increase your credentials are just a few examples of how you can set a shift in motion.
  • Get moving! Exercise & social interaction are both associated with raising your happiness levels.  Intertwine the two!  According to the study, movement made people happier regardless of body weight.

What do you find crucial in shifting your happiness for the better?  Is there an element that you couldn’t imagine not having?

2 thoughts on “Changing Your Levels of Happiness

  1. I feel like music, encouragement, sunshine, and downtime are all integral to my happiness. The feeling of having free choice. Creativity.

    I probably need to cultivate some of those more…

    1. Oh music is a really good point. Whether soft & bumpin’. As we’ve talked about before (but isn’t included really in the categories above) – the water! I love being near water, preferably ocean ;]

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