Let’s talk about mental health.

Let’s talk about mental health.

I’ve been thinking about writing something along these lines for awhile.  But I quickly discovered it was more difficult than I originally had imagined it to be.  I find myself reading stories of others’ triumphs over the stigmas often attached to mental health issues.  & I nod along in agreement – knowing our journeys are individual but similar.


I guess I haven’t know where to start because unlike many articles or blog posts I’ve read – I am still in the throes.  But aren’t we all?  Even people who have ‘figured out’ what therapy is ideal for them or what dosage works with their bodies are still taking things gradually – sometimes day by day.

What am I leading up to?

I plan on sharing more of my process as I traverse the landscape of depression & anxiety.  Don’t worry – I will keep angst to a minimum.  Hopefully there will be more descriptions of what I’m doing to cope or thrive.

1 in 5 Canadians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime.  I believe that remaining quiet about it only increases the chance of discrimination and/or stigma.

I have always been told that my experiences with depression & anxiety shouldn’t be disclosed.  That it could be harmful for potential/future employers, offputting for people who know me casually.

I get it.

to a point.

But the truth is that we all have personal struggles.  As I get older, I value honesty more and more.  I find it to be a healing power in my life.  Sharing our struggles only strengthen the connection between us.  & being honest with you (my dear blog reader) means I am being more honest with myself.

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  1. I only know you thru Cj & Gina’s wedding, I’m his mom. Hang in there. It sounds like we have a lot in common. It’s a tough road to haul. If you’re like me there are triggers that make it worse. Learn what they are so you can be prepared for them. Exercise, don’t forget to breathe, keep alcohol at a minimum (as easy as it can be to hide in a bottle). I’m personally trying to cease all medications after many years and am down to thyroid & 1 other to soon start weaning off of that too

  2. I fully agree with and support efforts to remove the stigma. Loneliness / aloneness is one of the hugest hurdles in helping a friend or oneself to have a fuller life… There is no such thing as normal.

  3. The world is so lucky to have brave people like you who are willing to share, teach and learn. Always happy to have a chat over tea!

  4. You’re an amazing and brave soul. Like Brenna said, I know that there are so many people, myself included, who can benefit from your willingness to share your experiences with us.

  5. Hey Allison, this is Kate from Catalina. Just wanted to say that I’m in total, full support of you, too. There’s not a single (honest) one of us humans who’s not going to experience some sort of real depression or anxiety or whatever sometime in our lives, and most of us are wholly unprepared for it. I think it’s really great you’re doing this. High five 🙂

  6. Hey Allison, this is Amy from Catalina…. yea… what Kate said.

    I just happened upon your blog and
    1. you are a great writer
    2. your strength inspires me

    We can all struggle, and you are right that sharing the struggles makes us feel more connected and less alone. Thanks for being a great example.

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