Listening to: Katzenjammer

Katzenjammer is a 4-member Norwegian band that mixes genres.  There’s some folk + pop + rock + balkan.  It is just good times.  Also, they switch up which instruments they each play.  & not surprisingly, a banjo is involved.


I know, I know.  Everyone has probably had just about enough of me telling them to listen to Katzenjammer.  Unless they’ve actually started listening to them, in which case they now understand how right I am.

From a recent UK interview, when they are asked about the potential difficulties of being an all-girl band in the music industry:

We hardly think about the fact that we’re a girl band.  The word feels wrong in a way.  We’re a band, we happen to have tits. In the beginning of Katzenjammer, we sometimes felt that people (mainly crew on stage in a new venue) didn’t treat us as they would treat the guys before and after us, but that always changed as soon as we started to play.  Quite amusing to see their change of behavior, actually!  We hope to be good ambassadors for girls who wants to play in bands, and expect that this will not be a question on the agenda in ten years.

They are toe-tapping good fun & look like they put on a hell of a live show.  & it is always good to have banjo-practicing-inspiration so I can be in a cool band someday with my friends.  Anyone want in on that?

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