Just Another (Feminist) Link List

Cardinal Amidst Winter

Hey, ‘Lady’! An Exchange – Using ‘lady’ instead of ‘girl’ or ‘woman’

To My Male Relatives on Facebook Who “Like” Sexism: “Listen, I don’t think you’re an asshole who thinks it’s funny to do something that women find scary. You’ve been raised to think that this sort of stuff is all in good fun.”  A great article by Jessica Valenti.

How Great Would It Be to Relaunch ‘Golden Girls’?  “But networks don’t trust young people to like old people.”

The lady who helped inspire “A League of Their Own” passed away: Lavonne “Pepper” Paire-Davis

But What About Beyonce’s Band?  I dig Beyonce but her band of ladies rocks out in a big way.

Why Do Women Hate Anne Hathaway (But Love Jennifer Lawrence)?  This an interesting examination of the qualities we find ourselves resisting in others.

Exploring Gender in Cowgirl Narratives  The beginning of a blog series re: women and our ideas of gender and power through an examination of the archetype of cowgirl in different types of media.

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