#9: Travels in Italy

Prompt #9:  What’s the place you’d like to go in Italy more than any other (and why)?

I have two places in Italy that I want to go, no further discussion required.

1. Cinque Terre:  I first heard about Cinque Terre from Robin, who visited Italy while still in high school.  We’ve all seen the beautiful photos & read about the Five Lands.  & if you haven’t prior to this…the cat is out of the bag.  You’ll want to come with, I know it.

Snowy Palermo

2. Palermo: First of all, the above photo was taken by Giuseppe, who lived in Toronto for a while but is now back in his Italian homeland.  We want to visit him in Palermo (seen above).  I also want to see the Catacombe dei Cappuccini, which is apparently both touristy, historical & macabre.  Jackpot.  I love seeing places that have all of those things.  I will settle for sights that are just historical as well, for the record.

4 thoughts on “#9: Travels in Italy

  1. Love Italy! I haven’t been to either of these places. I may have to sneak into your suitcase when you go. Looks amazing!

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