Hard Twist 2014 – This is Personal

Are you a Toronto local?  Well, if so – I stumbled across an art thing that I quite enjoyed and you might as well.  And it’s FREE.  Added bonus.

Stood Anxious Before the Mirror

The Gladstone Hotel’s 8th Annual Juried Textile and Fibre Arts Exhibition is currently being showcased.  The concentration this year is “This is Personal”, exploring the often hidden layers between the public and personal.  I discovered it by accident; I was early for a brunch outing and wandered upstairs while waiting for the clock to catch up.

Fine Thank You

And of course, the section I stumbled onto was a whole hallway that focused largely on mental health.  Thanks for the nudge, Universe.  The two pictured below are the ones that caught my eye the most.

Hard Twist 2014

This was a piece called “Fine Thank You” by Vicki Burns that was made out of fabric and different embellishments.  Each prescription had different details.  I found them both funny and thought-provoking about the use of prescriptions in the field of psychiatry.

Red TapestryRed Tapestry

This is a woven wall hanging called, “Take Twice Daily” by Alexa Hatanaka. The common side effects listed were only able to be seen well from certain angles.  It was fascinating to look at it from different points of views to see which side effects were more clear.

It runs until Sunday, April 27th and is open from noon-5pm daily.  If you’re in the Queen and Dufferin area, swing by and check it out!

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