Firefly Creative Writing’s Latest Offerings

Do you feel as if you need a nudge to get your ideas out on a page?  Hear the beating of the creative pulse but just can’t keep it steady?  Ready to create a deeper connection to your writing life?

Well, there’s an online class coming up that might be of interest to you called, “Coming Home to Writing“.  That’s right…I said online.  That means you get to drink  tea out of your favourite mug while sitting in your comfiest pants and splash words out on the page in the privacy of your own home.  Get back in touch with the writing spark that you haven’t harnessed in too long.

Just like in-person classes, Firefly’s online courses are low-pressure, compassionate, and inspiring.

Recently, Chris and the whole team at Firefly Creative Writing relaunched their website.  And boy oh boy, is it beautiful!  Looking at their offerings for the next year is just dreamy and I won’t lie…I may or may not be eyeballing a summer retreat for myself.  When the relaunch happened, they invited everyone who visited to give their addresses and they would receive a Firefly Loot Bag!  They know their tribe well.  Look at all those goodies.

I encourage  you to check out Firefly’s offerings, from their online courses to retreats to fun video writing prompts!

If you’re interested in the “Coming Home to Writing” course, be sure to sign up sooner rather than later because it starts April 8th!

Full disclosure: I freelance with Firefly Creative Writing here & there.  That being said, I don’t write about things if I don’t think they are honestly great, like -*real-life* great.

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