Check It Out: Living in a Green Room


I used to moonlight as the coordinator for a local puppet troupe & during my time there I met a lovely lady named Amanda.  People tend to get us mixed up, but I don’t mind because being mistaken for an awesome person is…pretty, well…awesome!  She is witty & very talented & has somewhat-recently launched a blog, “Living in a Green Room“.  Her illustrations & writing are both amusing & thoughtful – it’s the perfect combination.  I would definitely recommend adding it to your RSS reader.

Oh, & the above?  That’s me in a icky green stress bubble!  Office Robot is trying (in vain) to pop it with some scissors.  Never fear, dear readers – I’ll get out eventually!  It’s just a matter of how…

One thought on “Check It Out: Living in a Green Room

  1. Allison! Ditto on all the above… same reasons I don’t mind being called “Allison”!

    We are in a mutual blog-love-circle. And twitter. And facebook. And real life…

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