Brooklyn Appreciation

I wrote this curled up on my hostess’ couch, sweating out the half day’s travel to Brooklyn.


I’m smiling in a contented fashion at my new surroundings.  But how is a Brooklyn apartment THAT different from the Zen Apartment in Toronto?  There are definitely less ‘real life’ responsibilities, at least for now — before returning home looms up.  Traveling could be seen as avoidance by some  but it could also be seen as a return to appreciation.

I appreciate air conditioned subway cars.  Pitchers of margaritas.  Yoko Ono’s “Wish Tree” at MOMA.  The Jim Henson exhibit.  Cucumber Lime Paletas.  Tree-lined streets.  Vegan ice cream.  I appreciate Olivia & Tristan’s hospitality.  Flying on Porter.  Sweating-like-I’m-in-hot-yoga-in-polite-company.  The serenity of St. Patrick’s cathedral.  I appreciate urban nature.  Travel writing anthologies.  Returning home with a refreshed mindset.

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