3 Office Supplies I Dig This Week

Sticky Tabs

I use notebooks to journal, to stay organized, to sketch…but I also love dividers.  I love being able to put them where I want them.  So much better than your categories being built around the way the notebook is.  Choice is key.  & check out these fancy ones from See Jane Work!  So colorful.

For Big Mistakes

We all make misteaks mistakes.  I don’t use pencil all that often, but when I do – I always need an eraser by my side.  & I like using one that isn’t on the end of the pencil – those are rarely up to the job.  I also like that these erasers let you know that even they have made a mistake.

Stylish File Folders

Cute file folders are great!  File folders aren’t for everyone, but if you’re looking at some – you might as well make them something you get a kick out of.  These ones from Paper Source are pretty aesthetically pleasing.  I use plain manilla (partly because I like the word manilla) but I might be tempted for the map pattern at some point.


I love office supplies.

Any good ones out there you’ve been ogling?

3 thoughts on “3 Office Supplies I Dig This Week

  1. i totally hear ya about the love affair with manilla. oh…you didn’t say love. i did?
    cute little owls. map patterns sound fun. last time i was in my office supply store i left with an arm-full of used books. i should have been there to replace my broken wheeled file cabinet.whoos…..but at least now i have my favorite v.c. andrews and jerzey kosinski books.

  2. Really big post-it notes in tropical colours, so you have the luxury of spreading your memo out.
    I’m with Kelly on the fancy postage stamps. The Canada Post employees roll their eyes when I ask to look at their latest “pretty stamps” .

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