#3: Learning via Travel

2012 Indie Travel Challenge

Have you ever studied or taken classes on a trip? What did you study, and perhaps more importantly, what did you learn while on that trip?  What would you like to learn on your travels this year?

I have studied on trips.  I have taken classes on trips.  Part of this was bringing university work abroad with me & part of it is just the love of learning.  My most notable class I’ve taken while traveling was a cooking class in Paris in 2005 – in which my travel companion & I perused the farmers market, bought fresh ingredients & were ushered back to a personal (& gorgeous) kitchen.


That part of the trip was also of interest as I was the only vegetarian in a decidedly non-vegetarian cooking class.  But there was still plenty for me to do as a sous-chef.

The funny (& difficult) part was explaining why I am a vegetarian.  Most of the time when people ask, they want to know whether it is ethical-based, compassion-based, health-based, etc.  But when I was in Paris – people wanted to know why I would ever choose to limit the choices of delicious things I could have.  It caught me more off guard than any other questions I’ve received about my vegetarianism.

What I learned?  I tasted a radish that was so delicious by itself, it might have spoiled me forever.  I finally understood what really good (& expensive) balsamic vinegar was – & why a drop on a single raspberry could be just enough.

I’m not sure if I have my eyes set on any specific learning for traveling this year.  I would like to become a more relaxed traveler & do some ‘at home’ work to learn more vocabulary in different languages.

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