10.5 Reasons I Love My Body

After I got home from work, I saw from Oh She Glows that today was National Love Your Body Day.  It has been a long week (Wait, it’s only Wednesday?) so there’s no time like the present to share a little appreciation list.

Reasons to Love Your Body

Here’s my list:

1.  Once – even though I had my wisdom teeth taken out three weeks prior, my body was both stubborn & strong enough to finish a half marathon.  Sure, I wouldn’t consider myself a ‘runner’ anymore…but ooh-ahh!  Crossing that finish line felt amazing.

2.  I have the healing powers of Wolverine!  Well.  Sort of.  In Grade 8, I tore my ACL (super important ligament in your knee) & even though the doctor said I would walk with a limp, it healed just a-okay & rarely gives me any trouble.

3.  My body is tenaciously in love with movement.  Sometimes I prefer to rock out to gangster rap, other days I pretend I’m a premiere ballerina, & sometimes I waist hoop in my living room to the sound of my own breathing. I feel relieved & expressive inside the hoop, regardless of tempo.

4.  I have quaint looking feet.  Which I love to take photos of, especially when I have freshly painted nails.

5.  My eyes.  I can never bank on what color they will be called, but whatever it is – they’re cool.

6.  These hands?  They bake pretty yummy things.  Pies with homemade crusts, muffins, cookies…mmm.

7.  My brain stores tons of pop culture knowledge.  Seriously.  I know way too much & a lot of it never gets to see the light of day.

8.  I have never regretted trusting my ‘gut instinct’.  It sets me on the right path, even if I don’t see it at first.

9.  If I may be so bold?  My décolletage.  Enough said.

10.  “& the weirdest thing about it is –
I’ve spent so much time hating it,

But it never says a bad word about me.” (Thanks, Tim Minchin)

10.5  It keeps on keepin’ on, through any mistreatment or mistakes…even when I’ve checked out for the day, my body is still there.

What about you?  Can your taste buds identify even the smallest hint of nutmeg?  Have you perfected the one-eyebrow arch?  What do you love about your body?

6 thoughts on “10.5 Reasons I Love My Body

  1. Oh wow, #10!

    I’ve probably told you this before, but my hair is superhuman. I can bleach it, dye it, fry it, and it remains fabulously thick and strong!

  2. Love your list!

    I also love my feets and toes. And decolletage 🙂

    I’m not as fond of my very small teeth but I have to say they’ve done well for me. I only recently got a cavity even tho sugar is most certainly my friend. I’ve grown to love my tiny teeth. They’re cute and I think make me look younger.

  3. My hands, even though I rip my hang nails off like a psycho…my feets…my calves…my eyes…My taste buds adore the taste and texture of delicious smoothies and chai tea lattes! My lips to kiss my baby poodle girl with!

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