Zen Apartment Refresh


Today I am refreshing a commitment to the space I inhabit: the Zen Apartment.  When we originally moved in on a short-term lease, we crossed our fingers it would be extended & decided we would use those months to destash, unclutter, & refresh the ideals of our ‘stuff’.

& it worked.  For a while.  But life pops up & then all of a sudden you realize it will be two years in the fall & that you’re not quite content with the ‘stuff’ situation.  Nothing happens overnight (not for me, a semi-recovering pack rat), but I know I feel better when I let my organization skills flourish.  & for that to happen – well…there needs to be space!

I’m creating space for things that are more than just stuff.  Belongings.  Mementos.  Events.

A few of my favorite places on the web to assist me in this:

  • Unclutterer – tips on everything from closet space to finances
  • Bneato – blog of a professional organizer from LA
  • Zen Habits – organize your thought processes!
  • Lifehacker – if you want to streamline something, chances are they have a tutorial for it.

What are your favorite resources to help the organization & de-cluttering process?

One thought on “Zen Apartment Refresh

  1. shelves!

    (if you like books, I can recommend a few on living in small spaces and making them act bigger)

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