The ‘Wheel of Time’ Series by Robert Jordan

Originally published on my old (now defunct) blog in February 2008 – I thought I would bring this over & update it For the Love of Books.

The Wheel of Time is a bestselling fantasy book series written by Robert Jordan – who passed away in September 2007.


I started reading this series in junior high (grades seven & eight) & was immediately hooked. The series provides an intricate & detailed world, constructed languages, & a dense plot.

I finally heard Robert Jordan speak at the San Diego Comicon several years ago & was completely blown away.  He was eloquent.  He was also as eccentric as I imagined him to be, with a mental card catalog of all the characters and all the places ever named in the books. (If you have read them, you know how impressive this is–)

However, I’ll be the first to admit these books aren’t for everyone.  Especially at this point, they are for people with a love for fantasy novels & a need for *deep* commitment for a long read (putting it lightly).

If you DO happen to be looking for all of the above – then look no further.  This is your series.  I stopped reading somewhere in the middle of high school, determined not to continue until I could see the ‘real end’ in sight.  Now, I have picked up my worn copies again to re-read & read the latest few so I can round out my experience.

Some of my favorite themes & subjects (not surprisingly) of the series are the twisting of gender roles within power structures.  Also, the similarities & linguistic ties to languages in our own world.

The final segment of the series, A Memory of Light, was not completed at the time of Robert Jordan’s death.  His widow & his publishing company chose Brandon Sanderson to complete it.  What was going to be the last installation was adjusted to be released in three segments as it would be far too large to publish in one volume.  Each of these volumes will be as large as, or larger than any previous book in the series.  (Yikes!)

It is odd, because I can count several people I have met who also have read Robert Jordan & upon discovering this, it’s easy to feel a sense of added kinship.  For instance, when I moved in with a room-mate a few years ago & saw a WoT book on her shelf, I knew we would get along just fine.  I look forward to reading the final book & finishing a series very near & dear to my heart.  Eventually…

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