Women & Solitude

After I read this entry about Women and Solitude, it really stuck with me.  I love the phrase “heroine of solitude” – it makes me think of a women standing on a cliff in a raggedy cape summoning a falcon.  The fact that this is what I think of first shows off my penchant for the dramatic.

For me I am consistently finding ways to balance my craving for solitude with my desire to help the world as best I can.  To see someone lauded as successful who is also described as “hermit-like” is refreshing.  So often women are only portrayed as possessing certain qualities.  My love of home and solitude can often be interpreted as aloofness by outsiders.  I’m almost over-conscious of this – sometimes agreeing to events when I might otherwise prefer a quiet evening with a book.

There are times when testing my limits are a positive.  The Yelp! community is a perfect example of this.  I became an “Elite” member this year & am invited to special events once a month.  I’ve enjoyed the events I go to – I’m surrounded by strangers chatting!  I do still fly under the radar.  I go to prove to myself that I can – that I’m capable of milling about awkwardly & surviving.

Baby steps.  Baby Steps.

2 thoughts on “Women & Solitude

  1. Do you know the film Ladyhawke? You might enjoy it, given your penchant for raggedy cloaked women and birds of prey..

    I will never tire of a quiet evening/entire day with a book. Someday perhaps we shall have a mutual quiet evening of reading. The only sounds will be the turning of pages and the occasional inquiry of “more tea? more shortbread?”.

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