Venice, Italy

Train Ticket from Milan to Venice

Taking the train from Milan to Venice was relaxing.  Train travel is such a nice way to rest, to get the chance to stare out the window and write a bit.

Venice - Yellow Housing


Hotel Centauro KeyVenice - Gondolier

Being a gondolier was a male-only tradition until 2010 when the first female gondolier was licensed.  That being said, a handful of women tried to become licensed previously but claimed they were treated unfairly in their various exams, and thus failed.  Regardless, seeing the gondoliers with their uniform of striped shirts and straw hats paddling through the canals never got old for me.

Venice - Cluster of Love Locks

Couple attach locks with their names written on them to the bridges swear eternal love and throw the keys into the river.

Venice - San Marco Tower

The Basilica di San Marco was another stunning piece of architecture.

IMG_3411 IMG_3368

Venice - Blue Textures

Blue Gondolas in Venetian Water

Venice - Dusk

Venice - Silhouette

And the Rialto bridge had a great view during the day and at night-time.  It is the oldest of the four bridges crossing the canals.

Venice - Rialto Bridge

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