Trumpet of the Swan

Do you remember the book Trumpet of the Swan by EB White?  It was about a swan named Louis who is born without a voice.  So eventually (through criminal acts) he gets his wings on a trumpet, learns how to play, & crazy hijinks ensue.  I remember being enthralled by how he learns to read + write with a little chalkboard he hangs around his neck.  & how delicious the watercress sandwiches sounded.

Over the weekend, we took advantage of a break between rain showers & walked down to the Lake.

& found our very own quiet shutterbug swan.


2 thoughts on “Trumpet of the Swan

  1. I read and reread Trumpet of the Swan when I was younger, I loved that trio of E.B. White books. I imagine that is where my untested enjoyment of watercress comes from. One of these days, watercress soup! Want some?


    Bryn’s Dad grew up in a British orphanage, and they used to get big dripping piles of watercress to eat with dinner, resplendent with snails and tiny fish.

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