To Fight Aloud

I’m doing okay.  I have definitely seen better days.

If I were made to compare the past little while?  I have been trudging to the top of the hill & having brief whee! escapes down to the bottom.  & then trudging back up to the top again – dragging my little red wagon behind me.  The little red wagon in this metaphor is you guys, if you were wondering.


Don’t panic mid-metaphor, you’re not a burden.  You’re an awesome little red wagon that I like having around.  It is just that this hill is steep.

There’s a reason people only write about mental health after the fact.  Because it is hard to write about it objectively & not write a full-on diary entry.  I’m still doing my best to sort out where I am at and what bits & pieces I want to share.  Bonus points (!) for the Universe doing its part to provide me with additional clarity along the way.

One thought on “To Fight Aloud

  1. Thank you Allison. It is hard to write about the uphill-ness while pulling that little red wagon. I love your honesty and willing to pop in and give a shout out from the hill.

    You letting us know you’re here is kind of like having cell phones at an outdoor music festival…suddenly finding out you know people who are at the same festival can be a game changer, especially if you thought you were there alone.

    It’s just a matter of “meet me at the beer tent” and figuring out which beer tent. Or which side of the beer tent is the front. I’m so over those kind of music festivals.

    Metaphorically speaking, of course. 😉

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