Things That Shouldn’t Give Me Anxiety, But Do (Part Three)


  • Doing introductions as a group while in a circle makes me panic about ‘messing up’ my own.  I will sit there silently reciting my own introduction over & over again in my head until it is finally my turn.
  • People who share my name – I get nervous when I meet other people with my name.  & this is because for some reason, spelling always arises.  “My name is Allison/Allyson/Alison/Alyson too!  How do you spell yours?”  There is the pause of packed anxiety before the answer.  “Oh, you spell it with two L’s…” & they trail off.  & it is awkward because -one L or Y- Allison’s have led a different life than -two L, one I- Allison’s.
  • Going through security detectors – It could be as complex as the security at the airport or as harmless as the ones at the video store exit.  I exhale deeply & step through as quickly as possible.  & it isn’t connected to guilt.  It is connected to fear of being innocent & the alarm going off anyway.

6 thoughts on “Things That Shouldn’t Give Me Anxiety, But Do (Part Three)

  1. YES. Customs is the worst. I actually get stressed out whenever I have to admit that I shared an apartment with another girl named Amanda. I feel like it makes me weird, to have friends with my same name.

  2. I hear you sister!

    The Michele vs Michelle convo always leads to a dead end.

    Do you remember me being a sweaty babbler when we went through customs on our way to CA? Did I tell you I had to go through the full body scanner at the Montrose airport, of all places? EEP.

  3. WoW – I definitely also recite my introductions when in a group! And i’m always in groups with these amazingly overachieving people who say what they’ve done SO much better than I would! AND I agree about the airport security, makes my heart beat soo fast, and I have to fiddle with my laptop that used to be full of anti-capitalism stickers, just makes me panic.

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