Canadian Exhibition 2012


One of my favorite things to do at the end of summer is visit the Ex.  The Canadian Exhibition is basically a gigantic carnival that lasts 2.5 weeks, symbolically drawing summer to a close on Labor Day weekend.

CNE Cockpit

One of the highlights this year was sitting in a CF-18AND a Snowbird.  I pushed a lot of the buttons & turned a lot of the knobs.  & the ejection seat button.

CNE Looking Up

CNE Carousel

I find it the most fun to go for their “$5 after 5pm” deal.  It isn’t too hot & often is less crowded because people with families have run out of steam by that point.  & the Midway is so much prettier once the lights are on!

CNE Rain ReflectionThis year we got caught in an absolute downpour of rain that sent everyone into the Food Building for cover.  Once I got over being soaking wet (aw man!) – it did make for some gorgeous photos.  See you next year, CNE!

4 thoughts on “Canadian Exhibition 2012

  1. Awww we missed the ex this year, but it’s good that you got to go! Last year we got rained into the food building too! Having to eat tons of food for an hour is so tough. Haha.

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