Tao of Pie

In my family, pie is significant.  My Granny used to make a pie a day: one piece for Pops & one for each of the kids.  Granny taught my mom how to make pie crust from scratch & she in turn, taught me.  Over the past few years I have been slowly perfecting the amounts (which haven’t been written down) & the technique.

Pie brings people together; no one bakes a pie without plans to share it. Pie also symbolizes shared resources; everyone wants a piece of the pie.    –Tao of Pie


In an old issue of Readymade magazine, there was an amazing article entitled the Tao of Pie.  It talks about a (for profit) pie shop in the Mission district of San Francisco that is part of a not-for-profit education program for urban students.  Not only do they get the work (& life) experience for growing amazing produce, but then those ingredients are transported to Mission Pie – where students assist in making the pies!  & they get class credit.

It made me think about my own personal Tao of Pie.  Am I too picky?  Am I a pie snob?  Granted, my quest for the perfect crust is borderline obsessive.  I’m nearing a recipe I’m semi-content with.  & I’ll share my process along the way, don’t worry.  I’m all about sharing pie.

4 thoughts on “Tao of Pie

  1. I can say from personal experience, that your pie crust recipe rocks!

    p.s. I visited mission pie the last time I was in SF. Sadly, I was too full to indulge. Just inhaled deeply and admired their neon pie slice sign.

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