Special Edition

Star Wars Special Edition VHS

My focus shouldn’t have been tchotchkes, books or other media.  I was looking to find a few new wardrobe pieces amidst the crowd.  I glanced casually at the VHS section.  Just a look wouldn’t hurt anybody.

I quickly found myself in a conundrum.  I saw the original versions of Star Wars: A New Hope and Return of the Jedi.  But who buys the first and third movies (alternatively, fourth and sixth)?!  That just seems silly.  I knew I could keep my eyes out for the missing Empire Strikes Back, but let’s be honest – if it wasn’t a ‘match’ – that would just irk me seeing them on the shelf.  They also had the special edition VHS of all three — ohh, a matching set!  But since they’re VHS – did I want to be ‘stuck’ with the Special Edition/Re-released versions?  Is that too new school?

15 minutes into this internal monologue, I realize I’m standing in the movie section – clutching all of the Star Wars movies and not any closer to making a decision.

And all of a sudden, it clicks.  Today is a 50% off day.  The choice has been made by the thrift store gods and it is clear.  All three of the Special Edition set are mine for the watching.

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