Self-Expression Springboard: Imagination

Exciting things are afoot over at Danette Relic’s The Drawing Board – each Thursday she will present a catalyst intended to send your inspiration soaring.

I had to admit I was torn about choosing a song that represents my rock star self.  So let’s just say in this instance that I will have a World Tour & plenty of opportunities to switch my song up – but for now, a bouncy riff is all I need to enter that space with my head held up high.

(P.S.  The song is ‘900 Number’ by 45 King)

4 thoughts on “Self-Expression Springboard: Imagination

  1. Absolutely you would have an arsenal of rock star songs, ready for your every rock star whim. And with hooping action like that girl, a bouncy riff is dynamite!

  2. Yet another inspiring video Allison! You have the bestest shoulder shake, evah!

    Break out the glitter glue, it’s time to make some signs for the hooping is for everyone video.

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