Self-Expression Springboard: Wardrobe

This week for Self Expression Springboard, Danette asks us about how our wardrobe helps contribute to our sense of being at home & being comfortable.  Since I might ramble on about this for pages (heaven forbid)- I decided it was a test of brevity…


Blues, purples, charcoal.

My denim? Flared or wide legs.

Extraneous hoods & rings.


Multi-purpose, please.

Hooping, grocery shopping,

lunching with Granny.


Soft fabric junkie.

Loves encouraging movement

flowing hems, ruffles.


3 thoughts on “Self-Expression Springboard: Wardrobe

  1. I especially loved the “multipurpose, please ” haiku. something about the line, lunching with Granny, makes me smile.

  2. Soft and moving through blues, purples and charcoals, with granny or groceries. I can see the feminine trails of flowing fabric swirling behind you like they belong there always.

    Love the haikus.

    You paint a clear picture of you at home.

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