Rediscovering Movement

Sunset Through Window

It’s winter (a season of acceptable hermitage) and I’m trying to reteach my body that movement is a tolerable practice.  Like I’ve mentioned previously, my last relapse of depression was a difficult one in that way.  Now it is about finding a gradual practice that isn’t overly intimidating, is indoors, is realistic and therefore achievable, and budget-friendly.  Oh, is that all?  Mentally, I of course jump from zero to sixty (classic Allison move) and think, “I should be doing yoga every day.”  Therefore going against the ‘realism’ component of the SMART criteria for goal-setting.

Let the trumpets sound!  My (smaller) accomplishments for December have been taking a longer walking route home from work and sneaking in a few sessions of yoga at home via YouTube here and there.  My flexibility is back to square one which I know I will find discouraging at first but am trying to remind myself that it also gives me a tangible way of tracking progress that isn’t weight-based.

As long as the winter continues to be mild (did that just jinx it?), going on a walk here and there also seems to suit all the criteria.  It’s not particularly pleasurable, but it’s no trip to the dentist either.

Here’s to baby steps towards my body accepting a bit more movement into its routine.  I hope that it will continue to shift in a good way as more time elapses.

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