Sometimes recognizing boundaries is no fun.


I had a night a few weeks ago where I really wanted to go out dancing with friends.  I truly did.  I had a groove to attack.  & not only that, but I knew of existing plans to do that very thing.  No wrangling involved.

But I felt something in my brain nudge me & go, “Wait.  Wait a minute.  Think about this.”

& I realized if I were to go dancing in addition to my already-existing plans for Sunday, I would be exhausted.  Ka-put.  I would have overdone it & gone beyond my capabilities.

When I am finding the energy or passion to participate in something – it is hard to say no.  That fiery energy feels so precious; I want to encourage it.  I don’t want to slam the door in its face & say, “Sorry, I don’t want what you’re selling.”

If I’m up in a hot air balloon – sure, I’m inside that little basket underneath.  But that basket is saving me from a lengthy drop into the abyss.  Living with limitations does not make you a failure.

Part of the process is acknowledging these boundaries as positives.  They are limited, but they’re reigning me in for my own good.  If I were to overstep, I wouldn’t be respecting how hard I have worked (& continue to work) to find my plateau of wellness.  Recognizing them (& abiding by them) are serving my own stability and well-being.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes recognizing boundaries is no fun.

  1. Allison, I have just caught myself up on a bunch of your posts, and it really made me realize what a thoughtful and eloquent writer you are, and how you can go from hilarious to poignant to informative with deceptive ease. I also love the photos, especially the one of you and Amanda. I always get you guys confused!! Man…

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