Play, Pleasure & Process


If you know me (or even if you don’t) – you might have a hunch that I am a self-exploration junkie.  But I’m quite efficient & don’t care to squander time with activities that let me walk away with nothing new (knowledge, confidence, space, a cookie…)  Look no further!

Earlier in the spring, I was lucky enough to be a participant in a workshop series called, “Play, Pleasure, & Process: Reconnecting with Your Creativity”.  Every Tuesday evening I was welcomed into a nurturing mind-space for themed exercises & all the art supplies I adore (& some that I didn’t even know I was in love with).

Are you ready to tug at your creative heart strings?

My friend Danette offers these amazing creative series & I am so very excited about the next one that begins this upcoming Tuesday.  It is entitled, “Self Expressed: A Unique Summer Series of Creative Self Portraiture!”


(What?  Did you hear that too?  I think it was the *zing* of your heart strings…)  I anticipate a whole lot o’ fun.

Also, be sure to check out her delightful blog, The Drawing Board.

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