Persistence in Juggling Eggs

Today is a day for persistence.

Today is for deep breaths & small smiles.  Sometimes you do make a big mess of things, but sometimes that big mess leads to a pretty awesome situation.  Today is a day to examine if the eggs I’m juggling are worth taking care of.  A few of them are nice & smooth, speckled & cold to the touch.  But there is one or two that have sneakily found their way in there – they have cracks & are lukewarm.  My energy wouldn’t be well spent caring for them.

How many eggs are you juggling?  Which ones would you like to ditch?

3 thoughts on “Persistence in Juggling Eggs

  1. You are wonderful. What a great metaphor and question…
    I’ll get to it as soon as I finish mopping up all this yolk. It’s EVERYWHERE! Phew.

  2. I’m not juggling, I’m just chucking stuff up in the air. sometimes I have trouble seeing if any of the eggs are still okay under all the broken bits of shell and goo. I wish I could switch gravity off.

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