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Purple felt heart with orange stitches

It’s an odd feeling to see no published blog posts these past few months. I’ve written a lot, just not here. In journals, on napkins, in letters, in emails, in code. It hasn’t been a dry spell by any means but here in this space it is blank. I’ve always had a bit of a thing for clean slates, so maybe I shouldn’t be too surprised.

Of course, I can’t disregard the new look of the place. I did a spring cleaning and used my new code skills to add some twinkle lights and fabric draping. It still needs a bit of love and styling around the edges but I also didn’t want to let the imperfections impede my posting. I wanted to make it more welcoming. I’m aiming to harness bravery, to share more of my (fiction & non-fiction) writings. & the travel photos! Oh goodness. How I want them to see the light of day, even for my own reminiscing and perusal.

So, here we go. Again. Once more. Always.

2 thoughts on “–Of Newer Things

  1. Oh, Allison I would love to get all up in all of that! I would love to vicariously love your travels and I’m delighted that you’ll be posting some fiction! And good for you, not letting the details prevent you from posting. I’ve got this problem too… It’s always “but first…” What with this baby snoring away on me (she is seriously snoring quite loudly!) I finally got newsify on my phone, so I can make use of these uncountable hours rocking and boobing, and I won’t miss a thing!

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