New York City (Part Two)

Ms. Liberty

My favorite Statue of Liberty cameo?  Ghostbusters II, obviously!

Starry Night

I’ll admit, I was all agog of the art at MOMA.  I was thrilled to see so many paintings I have seen in books for years.  Starry Night was clearly one of the more popular works – people clustering around it to snap photos.  & what a beautiful frame!  (Yes, I said it.)

Top o' the Roc

We went to the top of the Rockefeller.  Oh la la!

Free Cotton Candy!

& at the Top of the Roc’ – there was a Halloween celebration with free popcorn & cotton candy!  & we didn’t even have to push past that many little kids to get some.  Only one or two.

Halloween Film

No Halloween season would be complete without a chilled viewing of the Nightmare Before Christmas!

NYC Public Library Lion

Are you surprised?  I love the lions at the New York Public Library.  Unfortunately closed on the day we wandered by, so no interior shots this trip.  Rawr.  So majestic.

Visiting New York was wonderful.  We were lucky with beautiful crisp autumn weather which led to an increased sense of exploration.  Now that we’re back in Toronto – I’m hoping to hold onto that in exploring some new parts of the city!

2 thoughts on “New York City (Part Two)

  1. 1. Robin with candy floss is SO CUTE
    2. I was more excited about the library lions than anything else I saw on my first NYC trip. It was like my brain was exploding joy all over everyone on the library steps.

  2. I have an older friend…he is a character, for sure…who claims in his youth to have touched a Starry, Starry Night when the guard wasn’t looking. He said it felt magical. 🙂

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