Mental Health Link List

Our minds can often fool us into feeling more alone than we are.  And when you’re struggling with your mental health and wellness, sitting with that isolation emphasizes the bleakness.  This isn’t a list of organizations to reach out to if you are in need of immediate assistance.  This is a list of places online where people are experiencing similar journeys and sharing it in some form.  Do you have any favorite reads that are open about mental health to recommend?



Therapy Tales is a series of standalone cartoons about being in therapy and examining the interplay of communication of therapist-client.

Rebuild (Health & Home) – Lauren writes about an assortment of topics, including taking time to work through anxiety and her love of design and home décor.

Depression Comix – Clay draws a mostly PG-rated comic that’s a graphical illustration of depression from a personal point of view.  He does his best to tag with trigger warnings but be cautious if you’re sensitive to certain subject matter.

Mental Health Talk – About giving a voice to those of us who have lived experience with mental health issues and want to speak out about it.

Draw That Beast – (Interactive) Online Art Project about depression.

Do Not Faint – Originally started because Anne-Marie couldn’t find many resources about pregnancy planning with anxiety and depression.  Now the blog tracks what she finds helpful as a mother as well.

The Bloggess – Her writing is humorous, honest and packs a realistic punch.  She also doesn’t shy away from discussion of mental health struggles, especially her own.

Dippyman – Paul writes about mental health, family life, birds and anything else that amuses or interests him.

The Fashion Kidd – A fashion blog by Laura, mental health advocate and vintage clothing lover.


Listed below are my fellow Partners for Mental Health Community Correspondents.  We write on a range of different subjects from our varying perspectives.  No set schedule of updates.. a lot of us are currently in a summer lull.

Charlotte at Charlotte Abou-Heif (Pickering/Toronto)

Meaghan at Sea and Light (Ottawa)

Kristin at Adventures of a Survivor! (Vancouver)

Megan at Meg’s Story (Sault Ste. Marie)

Laurie at Sister to Psychosis (Georgetown)

Melanie at Anxiety Bites (Fort McMurray)

Allyssa at Growing Strong (Scarborough/Toronto)

Laurence at Tales of the Raincity (Vancouver)

Sara at Saratonin (Greenwood)

Allison at Mind of Change (Brockville)

Stephen at Brain of SNJ (Calgary)

Frédérique at Cahiers d’une schizophrène dans la cité   (Montréal)

Casey at The Sting of a Jellyfish (Ajax/Toronto)

Geneviève at Our Mind in Color (Farnham)

Meaghan at Taking the Path Less Taken (Dartmouth/St. John’s)

Ashley at Once Upon a Warrior (Saskatoon)

Kathleen at Rantings of an Accidental Feminist (Fredericton)

Jillian at Choose Good Project (Edmonton)

Stephanie at Waking Up and Speaking Out (Halifax)

Aidan at Speakbox (New Westminster/Vancouver)

Russ at The Other Side of Intimacy (Winnipeg)

Twyla at Inside the Looking Glass (Truro)

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