Love List: May 20, 2013

Purple Thursday

lovelistPurple Thursday’s.  Applesauce.  Having breakfast outside on the deck.  Savings accounts.  Celebrating the people I know.  Brunch with friends.  Hugs.  The word ‘lackadaisical’.  Lone wolf-ing it.  Weekly Nia+Hoop class.  Little tomato plants.  Invitations in the mail.  Trip planning.  Morning coffee on the weekends.  Watercolour crayons.  Fresh air on lunch breaks.  Reading in the sunshine.  Apples and peanut butter.  Beth Ditto.  New dresses.  Pink lemonade after a long week.  Mystery novels that cause you to stay up until 2am.  Mangoes.  Terrariums with air plants.  Clean sheets on the bed.  Re-prioritizing.  Calligraphy.  Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto together in humour.

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