Love List: June 16, 2012

focusLists.  Focus.  Succulents.  Cactus.  Making friends at work.  Great covers of great songs.  Purple.  Pineapple on pizza.  Making playlists for a rainbow of moods.  When someone you love makes you a delicious sandwich, just because they love you back.  Knots.  Not knots.  Seasonal fruit.  Reintroducing myself to hooping in the summer.  Podcasts.  Ira Glass.  Having a good neighbour.  Chuck Klosterman.  Seeing a bean grow up into a Lexi.  The moment when you come up from being underwater & take a breath again.  Saving money.  Crossword buddies.  Starting from now.  Being barefoot.  Seeing women-centric movies.

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