Love List :: July 31, 2017

07-30-17: Streamers hanging in the wind outside a buildingThe healing power of music. Celebratory Indian food. Aloe.

Wifi that reaches the patio. Watercolour crayons. Avocado coasters.

Brunch on a weekday. Inclusion. The power of community.

Hot sauce challenges. Summer thunderstorms when you’re inside. Bots.

Coffee shops that play the Beach Boys on a difficult Sunday morning.

Chalk messages. Raspberries.

Brunch on a weekday. Pink toenails. CodePen. Spiral scarring. Sitting in front of the fan.

Vintage Muppets on vinyl. Fizzy water. Star Wars. Remembering and reacquainting. Rediscovering the importance of passion in compassion.

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