Little Things Like Salad

One of the byproducts of dealing with one’s mental health is often the little things.  The little things most people take for granted about their day.  For a lot of people (myself included) the simple things turn into speed-bumps.  They turn into steep hills and tall brick walls, looming over accomplishing anything else that day.  Currently my world is filled with a lot of hills, brick walls, twists and turns.

So in honor of the little things, this is a photo of a delicious salad we made last week.

Salad Posters

It is the little things like salad or reading a book in front of a fan (because the heat!)  Remembering to wash the sheets just because you have a pocket of time.  Remembering to transfer them into the dryer is an important step too.

As I do things day by day, I’m trying to not discount all the little things from each day.  There can be a lot of blurriness and vague recollections but little things like salad can stand out to all of my senses.  I hear the crunch of the kale, taste the sea salt, smell the garlic, grip the refreshing chill of the fork, see my favorite avocado colored bowl being filled.  Filled with little things and little triumphs.

4 thoughts on “Little Things Like Salad

  1. Oh yes! The little things do add up . Clean bedsheets and a happy tummy are big on my list of comforts. xoxo

  2. Yumm! I am enjoying a salad right now and just went for a walk. Feeling much calmer and trying to enjoy the little things.

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