Like It Is


Now that I have an end date to my time at Cubicle City, I am a rabble rouser.

Okay, okay.  Maybe I was already that person.  (see: copy room meltdown, “Is this why we’re here?  REALLY?!)

It is all a great reminder that my “professional” is not the same sort as everyone else’s.  & that’s fine.  I am not polished or wearing 3-inch-heels or talking about synergy.  Nor should I beat myself up about it.


I am sending my cubicle neighbors links to yoga teacher training scholarships & making them describe what their first documentary film project would be about.  I am reorganizing hundreds of personnel files.  I am seen in the hallway insisting adamantly that others can layer skirts & be “creative” too.  I am monitoring a CEO’s finances.  I am wearing blue nail polish.  All the while simultaneously being an administrative Wonder Woman.

I love that professional comes in all different formats.  I also like being a labeling superhero.

Which might make more sense if my next project shapes up…

3 thoughts on “Like It Is

  1. I know you bring a sparkly kickass brand of professionalism to any work environment you grace.

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