A League of Their Own

Cover of 'League Of Their Own' movieFile this one under “Movies I Am Surprised I Don’t Own”.  Great lines, important story.  It was a movie about women in sports that was just completely be about their love of the game.  & did you know it has been 20 years since it was released?

When I was little, I just loved it because I loved seeing groups of women living their lives.  I delighted in Tom Hanks’ antics.  I loved seeing women intensely involved in sports.  I thought Geena Davis was the bee’s knees.  (& still do).

Now that I’m older, I still love it.  My love has deepened as my values found their way under the umbrella of feminism.  I get the indecency of having to wear short skirts as uniforms, to attend etiquette school, — being treated as partial equals.

They knew their femininity would be called into question upon pursuing athletics with a passion.  They loved it so much they made sacrifices most people wouldn’t have.  These ladies did it because they just wanted to play.

& that’s why it stands up for me after so many viewings & years.

5 thoughts on “A League of Their Own

  1. Sometimes, there’s a *little* crying in baseball. I can’t believe this is 20 years old! Of course, I’m thinking, Group Halloween Costume…put that on the list next to S&M&M’s. 😉

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