Just Another Link List: December 28, 2014

Reflection of red-lit orb ornament

A Tree Is Known By Its Fruit | The murder of Bonnie Harkey led to the end of a legendary pecan dynasty.

Forgotten Fairytales Slay the Cinderella Stereotype | “Suddenly we discover that the divide between passive princesses and dragon-slaying heroes may be little more than a figment of the Grimm imagination.”

Stevie Nicks, the Fairy Godmother of Rock | Nobody rocks a shawl like Stevie Nicks.

On Editing a Crossword | A glimpse behind the scenes of the NY Times crossword process.  When does a clue stay or go?

Square Peg in a Round Hole | “I doubt Ernest Hemingway was asked what his ex-wives thought of his writing. I think women have to stop asking for permission. One of the things I’ve done is to break the taboo of telling the personal.”

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