Jade Cove, California

I heard about Jade Cove Beach while combing Yelp reviews for our trip to California.  Being coastal adventurers appealed to me, so I added it to the list of things we might check out during our drive up &/or down the California coast in October 2012.

Jade Cove Signage

It is likely you will miss the shoulder turn-out that is nearest Jade Cove Beach.  We did, but managed to pull off 1/2 mile up the road & trek back by foot to the trail head.

Jade Cove View

Ooh, look down there.  At first you will find yourself on a meandering trail along the top of a bluff.  & then you will find yourself doing switchbacks and the trail gets steep.  & then…then, you find a rope that some kind benefactor has tied so you can have the fake confidence as you rappel down the side.

Yes.  You heard me: rappel.

Once you’re down there, there are a bunch of tide pools to climb to and explore.

Jade Cove Seaweed

My favorite seaweed finds.

Jade Cove Seaweed 2

Below is me on the climb back up, hoping that this rope is tied as secure as I want it to be.  Real shoes definitely recommended.  It isn’t the place for a lot of loose accessories or bags.

Jade Cove Rope

There’s no official ‘Coastal Adventurer’ badge handed out once you reach the top again, but there might as well be!  What a remote little find on the California coast.

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