It’s a Zen World

Just no place in particular in January, perhaps – but here at Zen 2.0, it’s time to honour being partners-in-crime with Ro.  Even at a wedding photo booth (Congratulations Olivia & Tristan!) our default pose is American Gothic.  We look good in squid hats; check out that swagger!

Ro makes me laugh.  He holds my hand at the suspenseful bits of movies.  I admire him because he follows his heart with steady steps.  Happy Zen Anniversary!

Zen Anniversary 2013

10 thoughts on “It’s a Zen World

  1. Happy Zenniversary! We can all hope that their partner in crime wants to include stylish Squid hats in the relationship and then manages to wear it with a flare that even Elton John couldn’t hold a candle in the wind to. Utterly brilliant!
    Love youse guys!

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