Palm trees are great.  They calm me, mostly because even if they are highly manicured & placed in a neat little line – there’s something about them that yells Southern California to me.  They symbolize several things but to me, I think of an oasis.  A calm resting spot amidst a desert.

Neopolitan Milkshake

Don’t laugh.  It’s true.

In-N-Out Burger can be my calm resting spot amidst chaos.


Now when we visit home, it is a mandatory stop at some point.  Sometimes a mandatory two…or three…or four stops.  I’m not a ‘fast food’ person – unless it is In-N-Out.  Because they are divine with a dash of nostalgia.

Lunch for Two

Now I rarely wax poetic about hamburger joints – as many of you know I am a vegetarian.  & In-N-Out doesn’t have veggie burgers.  But if you order a ‘grilled cheese’…..

You see, In-N-Out has an incredibly basic menu but there are also secret codes.  & if you know them, your yummy points increase exponentially.  Say you want something ‘Animal Style’ (see upper order of fries), or a Neapolitan shake (for those of us who just can’t decide)…the list goes on.  Oh & did I mention the ingredients are fresh & delicious?  & the prices are amazing?

Dear In-N-Out, I love you.  I’m already planning my order for next time.

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