I may fade in & out

So, last night at a social gathering with amazing artwork I had several people mention, “Oh…you have a blog right?  You haven’t updated the past few weeks…” This made my brain all a flutter because sometimes I forget that …well, this is the internet.  There are people out there reading this that I didn’t know were reading this.  Why hello there, I didn’t see you come in…

Just Clouds

I do get a weird sense of pride about updating regularly.  I think because I want this blog to maintain a sense of honesty & not be just a “business thing”.  The past couple of weeks I’ve been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster.  Not surprisingly, the changing of seasons is often a tumultuous time for me to adjust to.  I have to stay more consistently on top of my self-care routine on account of the weather to try to prevent too many ‘down cycles’.  So, here’s to more posts!  More up-cycles!  More self care!  & more blue sunny days…

2 thoughts on “I may fade in & out

  1. oh we are out there…and we are reading….and we can only eat oatmeal raisin cookies for so long*.

    (this part is not necessarily true….there is no real limit on eating oatmeal cookies)

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